To Buy or Rent


I have clients moving from that big state to the West this spring. They visited over the summer and loved their time here. Now they’re ready to make the move, but are thinking of renting for a bit. The idea of renting makes sense. You get to learn the area, find where you fit and then decide where to buy. That’s a great idea in theory. Here comes the reality, you’re wasting your money. According to Boise Regional Realtots, in Ada County last year (December 2016 to December 2017) the average home price went up a little more than $32,000. That is a lot of money to leave on the table while you sit in a rental paying someone else’s mortgage. Inventory is low (under 2 months in the majority of price ranges) and demand is high. Yes, there is always that thought that the market is going to crash. It will inevitably happen however, there are no signs pointing that direction.  So what about knowing where you fit? Find an expert... realtors are those experts. The good ones know every corner of this valley. They can give you years of knowledge, tell you about the areas, explain the pluses and minuses and help you with all your questions and concerns! Save your money, find a realtor and don’t waste money! Ps-  sellers pay the buyers agents commission so find a great one! Happy house hunting!

Jeff Martel