Boise: The City of Trees... full steam ahead!

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My husband is an illusive native. What I mean by that is he was born and raised right here in Boise, Idaho. Back then, Boise wasn’t much to talk about. It didn’t make every top 10 list known to man and it certainly wasn’t part of the fastest growing state in the nation. Fast forward to 2018 and he is sometimes in disbelief of the farm land that has turned into the latest top selling community. We live in one of those communities. When he was a kid it was “way out there,” today its 10 minutes from downtown Boise. How times change. 

Every week there is at least one email in my inbox sent from someone who is looking to buy a home on a "big piece" of land in Boise. Ahh, you, and me both, my friend. Here’s the reality, which most don’t believe at first, land is a scarcity here in the metro area. Sure, Idaho is a rural state with wide open spaces, but that’s not the case in Ada County (i.e. Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star and Kuna). As developers turn what used to be farm land into planned communities, the lots are getting smaller and smaller. To give you an example, if you’re looking to buy a new construction, 2500 square foot home with 4 bedrooms and a three car garage in a community with amenities and a highly rated school district, the price tag is going to start at about $400,000 and it can quickly go up from there depending on where you are looking. Oh, and that home, its on .17 of an acre. 

If that doesn’t seem shocking to you, then you haven’t been watching the capital city’s housing market. According to Boise Regional Realtors, in March of 2013, the average home price in Ada County was $186, 750 which was a 22% increase compared to the previous March. Today, the average home price $269,900. which is up more than 10 percent compared to last year at this time. Our inventory remains low, our days on market even lower and the amount of people deciding to move to Boise is higher than ever. 

By 2040, Boise is set to be home to more than 1 million people. A mind-blowing statistic for my husband. 

Jeff Martel