What about the Weather?


There are two questions I hear all the time from relocation clients. One of them being: “What’s the weather like?"

Typically, people are concerned about the cold. Don’t be. I think I speak for many when I say the heat here is more intense than the cold. You can see the actual temperatures throughout the year on the weather page of this site which is under the “Boise Area” tab, but keep in mind Boise is a mountain desert climate. What does that mean? Easily said, its very dry here. When its cold, its cold, but its not a wet cold which means you don’t get that “cold to your bones” feeling like you do in a humid climate (i.e. New England, down south or in California). Boise is a sunny spot, high in elevation with a lot of blue bird days. The worst part of winter here comes from the inversions. An inversion is cold and dreary and typically lasts about a week. We see a few of them each year from November to February. So what is an inversion? Its when the cold air gets trapped in the valley under a layer of cloud cover. You can expect more of that "cold to the bones” feeling without a ray of sunshine to be seen. For people here in Boise, this is dreadful as they are accustomed to blue skies. Once mid-February arrives you can expect the start of the end of winter and by mid-March we are enjoying spring. On the flipside, summer is hot and dry. You can catch reprieve from the scorching sun in the shade, but not the heat. Luckily, everything is air conditioned and the restaurants typically have misters on their patios so you can still enjoy outdoor dining. Nearby Lucky Peak Reservoir is a hotspot for boating and the Boise River is always a great option for floating, kayaking and paddle boarding. Summer hits its peak in July and August and then we are back to temperate, awesome weather days! 

Jeff Martel