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You've read about it... you've researched it...and you've dreamt about it.
Now, Come explore Boise the way the locals do.

see boise through a local’s eyes....local knowledge and experience with an expert
relocation specialist that moved to Boise, Idaho just like you want to!


Kerri O'Hara — Your Boise, Idaho Relocation Specialist

Kerri O'Hara — Your Boise, Idaho Relocation Specialist

Follow along with Kerri as she explores Boise, Idaho      @kerriohara

Follow along with Kerri as she explores Boise, Idaho @kerriohara


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Thinking about a move to Boise? Follow RelocationBoiseIdaho to keep up-to-date on all that is happening in Boise and beyond!

Thinking about a move to Boise? Follow RelocationBoiseIdaho to keep up-to-date on all that is happening in Boise and beyond!



As we circled for the third time waiting to land at LAX I sat staring at the city scape thousands of feet below. Like most New England children, I spent my winters dreaming about living in the warmth of California’s endless sunshine. I imagined beach days that extended long into fall and actually getting to wear your Halloween costume without your winter coat on top. Never would my 16-year-old self have believed that not only was California not in my future, but Idaho was. Idaho? Boise, Idaho.

As thousands flock to The City of Trees each year, I hear seemingly the same story on repeat. They come from across the country, all seeking the same thing…a better life. A life without a two-hour commute to and from work, a place where the air is clean and the people smile. A place where you can afford to really LIVE your life, not just survive. Its safety and family and community. Its by no means perfect, but the people here sure do love it. Its Boise and its become a passion of mine to introduce this growing city to those seeking its refuge.

When I first moved to Boise in 2006, my family and friends back home joked that the sky was purple, it rained gumdrops and fairies atop unicorns sang me to sleep at night. Not exactly, but close. I would tell them about the snowcapped foothills and how the sky was always the perfect shade of blue. I told them all about the amazing farm to table food, cool coffee shops and my newly acquired love for craft beer. I left Boise and like a sling shot came right back years later. Who would ever leave Boise? To my credit, I had to relocate for my former career, but I dreamt about that city so far away.

Today, its my turn to introduce Boise to you. As I mentioned, I lived all over the country for a decade, moving from city to city every two years. Each time I changed cities I had a high level of excitement and anxiety along with a never ending wave of questions & commentary running through my head…where do I live? Are there places I need to avoid? Which ones are those? I’ll need a dentist, doctor, a hairdresser, a bar top and a gym. I wonder what traffic is like? Is it humid, too cold, too hot? I hope the people are friendly! Sound familiar? My job is to relieve that stress.

As a relocation specialist, I’m there, from our first conversation to the closing table, to ensure your journey to Boise is a smooth one. I start with getting to know you and your lifestyle. How do you live? What’s important to you? Many times, I find what my clients initially think they want, isn’t what they end up with. Please know, that’s normal. You are moving to a brand new place and its most likely completely different than the one you came from. We need to create YOUR Boise lifestyle and that probably doesn’t mirror how you lived in your former town.

So how do you know what your lifestyle is? We’re going to take a tour. I’m going to show you this city through my eyes. I’m going to tell you the benefits of each area in and around Boise. I’m going to explain the price differences across the valley and I’m going to figure out what part might be the right one for you. Basically, think of me as an information guide that gives you years of Boise knowledge in a weekend. If I do my job, I’m confident you’ll be ready to take the leap and join us here in Boise!

-- Kerri O'Hara
Relocation Specialist for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | 43° North


take a tour of boise

Come along as Kerri O'Hara tours you through two of The City of Tree's most desirable neighborhoods, the North End and Southeast Boise. Along the way we will explore what makes Boise so special and why it's always making those national Top Ten lists.


A place where you can afford to really
LIVE your life AND not just survive.

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