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Welcome to Cartwright Ranch!

Come along as Kerri O'Hara, realtor & relocation specialist with Better Homes & Gardens 43 Degrees North in Boise, ID brings you around Cartwright Ranch. Located in the foothills north of Boise, Cartwright Ranch has become a hotspot for those who love the outdoors and want to be close to the city. Whether its hiking, road biking or mountain biking, Cartwright Ranch at Hidden Springs has it for you!


Thinking about moving to Eagle, ID?

Come along as we give you a tour around Eagle, Idaho. What does the town look like? What does real estate cost? Why do people like it there? If you are considering moving to Eagle, Idaho will help show you why people from across the country love Eagle. Kerri O'Hara is a realtor & relocation specialist with Better Homes & Gardens 43 Degrees North Real Estate in Meridian, Idaho. Visit relocationboiseidaho.com for more information about the Boise metro area or to contact Kerri.


Neighborhood Tours! Century Farm
& Cartwright Ranch

Century Farm and Cartwright Ranch are two communities in the Boise, Idaho area that offer a wide range of amenities from community pools to hiking trails and elementary schools within the communities. This video will give you a glimpse of the homes in both neighborhoods built by Todd Campbell Custom Homes and what it’s like around the community. Century Farm: Contact Tracy Conklin at 208-371-7397 Cartwright Ranch: Contact Kerri O'Hara at 208-860-7168


Top Questions asked about
Boise, Idaho

Kerri O’Hara breaks down the top questions she gets asked by people moving to Boise, Idaho from other states. Where to stay, when to visit, how to relocate, rent or buy, what about the jobs?! Kerri is a relocation specialist who helps clients find their perfect spot here in the City of Trees.


the Boise Market Update

http://www.relocationboiseidaho.com As home prices continue to rise and demand increases, Kerri O'Hara, realtor & relocation specialist with Better Homes & Gardens 43 Degrees North RE, gives you the rundown on what's happening in the Boise market and what you need to know if you are wanting to buy now.

What about Eagle, Idaho? Wondering what it's like?

Kerri O'Hara, Relocation specialist & realtor http://www.relocationboiseidaho.com Eagle, Idaho sits 30 minutes from downtown Boise. When moving to the area, some find Eagle to be their perfect match! Here Kerri answers some of your questions about the quaint little town.

What to know if you're planning to visit or move to Boise, ID

Better Homes & Gardens 43 Degrees North realtor & relocation specialist, Kerri O'Hara, gives you the top 10 things to know if you are thinking of relocating to Boise or making a visit here in 2018. Topics covered: local hotels, restaurants, breweries, safety, home prices and more.

What will $400,000 buy you in the Boise area?

Every market is different, so what will your budget buy you in Boise? Kerri O'Hara, relocation specialist with Better Homes and Gardens 43 Degrees North Real Estate, shows you what you can expect to get for your money in Northeast Boise, Eagle and South Meridian. Questions? Thinking of moving to Boise?

New construction in the Boise area: what you need to know

Thinking of building or buying new construction when you move to the Boise area? Here are a few things to keep in mind. Kerri O'Hara is a realtor, relocation & new construction specialist with Better Homes & Gardens 43 Degrees North Real Estate. You can reach her at kerri@trevagroup.com

Relocating? What's the difference between Boise & Meridian

If you're looking to move to the Boise area or just exploring the possibility, you want to know the difference between the two largest cities in the Treasure Valley. Kerri O'Hara breaks down the main differences in this video. Enjoy! Kerri O'Hara is a realtor & relocation specialist at Better Homes & Gardens 43 Degrees North Real Estate.

Thinking of moving to Boise? Here are the common misperceptions of the area

We hear the same things over and over again when people come to visit Boise as they consider relocating their lives here (hint: think a growing urban area with farm to table food & craft beer versus potato fields). In this video, Kerri O'Hara breaks down what those misperceptions are!

Boise: A look at two of the city's most desirable neighborhoods

Come along as Kerri O'Hara tours you through two of The City of Tree's most desirable neighborhoods, the North End and Southeast Boise. Along the way we will explore what makes Boise so special and why it's always making those national Top Ten lists.

Considering moving to Boise? A few things to know

Better homes & Gardens 43 Degrees North Realtor, Kerri O'Hara breaks down why you might want to consider moving to Boise, Idaho. Over the past 10 years, the city of Boise and its surrounding areas (Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Star and Nampa) have seen population growth as people from across the United States are relocating to Boise.

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